Friday, 24 February 2012

Fisher Price: My First Bet- Part 1

Made my first bet today. Quite Proud.

Albeit the bet was small, but best to start small. Although when I say "start", I won't be placing another soon...Just occasionally...I do pride myself on my self control...However, it's lucky for me the empty packet of Custard Cremes can't talk.

The real point of this entry is what I bet on. You see I placed two bets on the Carling Cup Final on Sunday. As a Liverpool fan I wanted to spice up the inevitable win. 

Before placing the bet I looked around the tense bookmakers and saw the sheer volume of possible horse racing bets. I always new of its existence, but I've always wondered what the point is? Isn't it better to  bet on a sport that you have an affinity with? It just seems that horse racing exists, just for the sake of betting. Maybe it is  and I'm just being completely ignorant.

I don't think I have the inclination to bet again for a long time anyway. I don't see the appeal. Maybe that'll change if I win?

Make sure tol read my next entry to see how it went and if it added anything to the game.

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