Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Project X review

It hasn't even got a proper title. Actually….that’s probably a very good thing considering that it’s not even a proper film. Well it is, in the way that it’s in the cinema. However I would be embarrassed if I was another film and I had to associate myself with it.

At this point I would normally say “on the other hand” but there really is no other “hand.”

I have no idea what the film was trying to achieve? It really wasn’t funny. Romantic? No way. Action? Just.

The acting was terrible; I wasn’t a fan of the Shia LaBeouf impression by Oliver Cooper playing ‘Costa’. In comparison with “Superbad” (a similar themed film) at least “Superbad” had a story! I got to know the characters in it; still to this day people are making McLovin-isms. I wasn’t a fan of the video camera style directing either. It was trying to be original. But failed.

Young people will love it, due to the partying, wild antics, sex, drugs and partying. From that respect, it succeeded; I won’t be watching it again anytime soon though. As a film? It’s a poor piece of cinematography. Mainly down to the same old “student-life” format being regurgitated.

I won’t be gate-crashing!


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